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If you want to feel good...or 'feel cute' about your small-owned business' 'image' or brand strategy, book one of our consultation services today! Our Cutie Booty Magazine, as well as our Cute AF. Clothing, and our Cutie Classes develop a Woman's 'self-image' in her personal life in the same way our services help develop the 'self image' or 'brand' of a Woman's business. Find out more about our Mission under our 'About Us' tab. Find out more about how our services can help your small business by clicking the button below!

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Why We Do It:

We want you to 'Feel Cute' about the Marketing and Branding efforts of your Woman-owned small business.  Women in the Beauty Industry undoubtedly have an 'eye' for what looks good, but this doesn't always translate well to the branding side of their business. We seek to help them with that. Find out more about how our services can help your small business by clicking the button below!

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How We Do It:

We help enhance your brand strategy in order to catch the eye of your prospective clients.  Services include Website Design, Social Media Management, Voice Work, as well as Editing videos, Song Writing & Music Production. Find out more about how our services can help your small business by clicking the button below!

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What Do We Do It With?

With more than 10 years of media training and experience and 7 years of researching what makes Women 'Feel Cute,' Cutie Booty Media is a great resource for businesses in the business of helping Women 'Feel Cute.'  

From Salons, Make-Up Artists, Lash and Nail Techs to bloggers, influencers, and social media managers for Women-run companies, Cutie Booty Media's 10 years of media training and experience PLUS our seven years of researching what makes Women 'Feel Cute,' can help you achieve your branding needs.

Find out more about how our services can help your small business!

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Audio Branding

What is Audio Branding?

Audio Branding uses sound to help you create an authentic identity that helps your audience connect with your brand.

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Why You NEED Audio Branding

Music is an excellent example of audio branding. Whether it's the 'Maybach Music' sound bite, or the 'Mike Will Made It' sound bite, audio branding is a common technique used by some of our favorite musicians, producers, and videographers. In a time when everyone is focusing on the visual aspects of their brand, why not go beyond that and create an audio experience only your brand can provide? Why not pair your visual with audio that can help your potential customers find you? Audio branding can help you achieve that.

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How Audio Branding Can Help Your Business

Audio branding helps define your brand with sound. In a world full of visual stimuli, imagine being a breath of fresh air with visual and audio. Audio goes straight to the brain of your customers. It provides a theater of the mind that sticks with us a little longer than just the visual. When your customers have engaging visuals as well as sounds that help them say: 'I know who this is,' you'll pack a mean punch adding audio branding to your promotional efforts.

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How we can help you develop your audio brand

Industry Expertise

Cutie Booty Media has over 10 years experience in audio branding and voice acting.  We've worked with a variety of clients including Target, Bremer Bank, and the YMCA.

Tailored Strategies

 We know how long it took you to create a brand that stands out & we want to help you achieve the same result with an  strategy tailored to your business need.

LIVE Support

Our customer service line is available 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.  Call 1(888)-501-CUTE and speak with a real person about your audio branding strategy needs.  


As a Woman-Owned business with a Mission to help Women 'feel good,' we focus on providing marketing strategies for other Woman-owned businesses. 

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Our Clients:


Target Corp.


MN State Lottery






MN State Lottery


ClearWay Minnesota


Crystal Farms


Health Partners

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Contact Us:

If you're interested in any of the services above, please contact us at

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