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African American woman with bare shoulders beauty photoshoot_edited.jpg




African American woman with bare shoulders beauty photoshoot.jpg
African American woman with bare shoulders beauty photoshoot.jpg

what does it take to 'feel cute?'

At Cutie Booty Media, we believe that 'Feelin' Cute' is routed in a healthy Self-Image. There's all kinds of benefits that come along with a healthy self-image but the fruits we like to focus on are emotional IQ, self-awareness, and social awareness or what we like to call 'street smarts.' A healthy emotional IQ can help you recognize feelings of jealousy or fear giving you valuable insight into your Psyche; and that's where the self-awarness component comes into play. Self-Awareness allows us to notice when our insecurities leave us 'feeling' less than, which also gives us valuable insight into our behaviors; which leads us to the last component which is social awareness. We believe possessing strong skills in these areas can help you develop a healthy self-image that can still 'feel cute' DESPITE feelings of jealousy, fear, and intimidation in the presence of successful Women. A healthy self-image can also improve the quality of your circle tremendously. You'll be able to stand confident in the presence of other Women with ease and comfort regardless of what you've accomplished. You'll start to enjoy the company of Women who are dope and awesome and inspiring just like you...and you'll be able to build real and solid relationships with Women you ACTUALLY like and who ACTUALLY like you! There is SO much to gain on the other side of a healthy self-image and we want to help you gain it all, Cutie.

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How We Help Women 'Feel Cute'

Mind. Body. Soul.

As we mentioned before, we believe 'feeling cute' is routed in a healthy self-image.' When you're 'feeling cute' you're probably experiencing a happy (and whole) balance between your Mind (Self-Awareness), your Body (Social Awareness), and your Soul (Emotional IQ).


When you 'feel good' (Mind & Soul) it effects how you look (Body).  


We use 3 apparatus including our Magazine, our *Boutique, and our Classes.


Mind (Magazine), Body (Boutique), and Soul (Classes).  Women & Girls who LOVE learning as much as they love #Lewks, this is for YOU!


*Women who subscribe to our Magazine receive discounts in our Boutique.  




The Cutie Booty Magazine introduces Women to our 'Cutie Essentials' which focuses on the development of Emotional IQ, Self-Awareness, and Social Awareness, or 'Street Smarts.' 

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Cutie Classes take a deeper dive into the essentials introduced in the Magazine challenging students to practice using their Emotional IQ, Self-Awareness, and Social Awareness. Star students win items out of our boutique!

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Your personal style is a direct reflection of the health & wealth of your self-image. Shop our Boutique and update your look at the SAME PACE that you're upgrading your self-image!  

Discounts for Magazine subscribers and Cutie Class students.

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