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Close up of young woman with colorful makeup smiling against blue background. Beauty shot


Never ever tear down another Woman. For Any reason. Ever. PeriodT.

Have your own money. PeriodT.

Do what needs to be done but try to find a hustle you can be proud about.

Never ask a Man for what you cannot provide yourself.  

Eat clean. There's nothing wrong with treatin' yourself every now and again, but 80% of your diet should be clean, honestly.

If you're going to be a Bitch stand ten toes down in it. Don't be a Bitch and then look for sympathy when them results look just as Bitchy as your behavior was.

Know when to speak TF as well as when to shut TF up.

Accountability is for you. If you showed your ass, take ownership of it and make a better choice next time.  This is how you rebuild trust & confidence.

You are the NUCLEUS of your environment. If your environment sucks practice self-awareness and find out why.

Always speak up for yourself even if your voice shakes.

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