Right after graduating from Radio school, I was feelin' myself because I had 3 guys chasing me.  One of them was an ex trying to get back into my good graces. Another worked with me and had CRAZY chemistry, but he didn't have his own place (no Netflix & chill) and no car (No go out and chill), and he was WAY too inconsistent (ZERO chill). The third was married but separated, had two children and was living with one of my mentors so when I would go visit my mentor I HAD to run into him. He used to CONSTANTLY send me pics of his 6 pack and it always felt...weird. The images were visually nice, but the energy was weird.

Anyway, after hearing (from my own mentor no less) about some real illegal and creepy stuff this guy was into, I felt extremely nauseous. I did the thing us Women do when we take on a kind of 2nd-hand embarrassment for a dude we used to date after hearing he's fallen into some icky stuff?  Yeah, that. I did that. I didn't like that feeling so I started asking questions. One of them was "How did I ever even date that dude? How did I miss the signs of his creepiness early on? What was I doing to lead him to believe that I would even want to be apart of his world if he was into that creepy shit? 

  Then more questions followed...


 "Why do I keep running into the same type of dude, offering the same type of bullshit?  Why haven't I dated anybody yet that makes me feel excited about them when they're not around me? Why haven't I experienced that yet? Will I ever experience that?" Then the next question squared up on me like: "Why are you even entertaining these dudes?"

BOOM! There it is.

A damn good question, Brain. Well done.

Why TF do you keep entertaining dudes that you can't (AT THE VERY LEAST) be excited about?  I was ashamed and embarrassed for myself because I didn't even know where to begin to answer that question. So I had to sit with all that discomfort and figure out how to cleanse myself of it.

I took improv classes. I pursued Radio. I started researching sexiness, and femininity, and pelvic muscles and sex, Womanhood, and independence, and exercises like Yoga, Pilates, and belly dancing.  I really dove deep into researching myself, what I like, what I need, and why I do the things I do.  I read up on the powerful attraction of confidence and the power influence of humility as well. But of all the things I learned, I gained the most from other Women who naturally inspired me with their own brand of cute. 

I became a student of the Fabulous, the Talented, the Sexy, The Capable, and Influential Women of all times. I studied their sense of style, business decisions, relationships, fears and dreams. I studied their shortcomings and how they handled them. I become a student of the Women that really gave me goosebumps and the ONE thing they all had in common was that they were Cute in their own way.

That? That INSPIRED me to want to flaunt my own brand of cuteness. This is how I do it:

 I'm currently in a healthy relationship that's a strong 7-years old (we're getting married but we ain't rushin' shit for nothing and nobody).  I currently own and operate Cutie Booty Media (this site) and its subsidiaries Cutie Booty Magazine and Cutie Booty Boutique.  I am a Voice Actress, Singer, Dancer, & Radio host (and soon to be Barber) in Minneapolis, MN; I also have a **NEW** single out called "Rock With Me."  And I'm about to take a NBA Dancer class.  Things is kinda spicy for me right now and I feel Cute AF! 


Bottom Line? Cutie Booty Media is about Women working on themselves because workin' on yourself makes you feel cute AF! 

Think about it. Ya'll know how us Women can get. Ya'll know! We've ALL been on both sides of the isle of being the jealous bitch versus being the girl everybody is jealous of.  BOTH OF THEM SHITS SUCK! SO why do we keep doing that to each other? We do it because we get too hung up on whether or not we can "compete" with other Woman.  We've literally convinced ourselves that the only way to feel cute is through "beating" out the next girl in some imaginary competition where neither one of you win anything anyway except frenemies. 

First of all, none of us have the RANGE to compete with other Women in the first place!  

We LITERALLY can't compete because we're all SO FUCKING individually dope in our own way that it's incomparable.  Do you understand that? YOU ARE INCOMPARABLE! If you are having a hard time believing that, then you understand why we're here. There are A LOT of Women in the world who find that hard to believe and we wanna help them. And one dope (and fun) way of helping them accomplish that is through 'feeling cute.'  

When you feel cute, you feel worthy don't you?

You feel capable don't you?

You feel unstoppable don't you?

You feel incredible don't you?

You feel happy and free don't you?

You be happy to see other Women happy and free like you don't you?

You be more open to being inspired by happy and free Women don't you?


When you're feeing cute, that competitive little girl shit don't affect you. You be on an entirely opposite type of time...that Cutie Booty time, ya dig?

Anyhoo. That's why we're here. We want you to work on yourselves and experience that "cute" feeling you get when you do. AND we want you to experience the EXCITEMENT you feel when you see another #Cutie doin' her thang. It's a fucking vibe.

So yeah.

Hey, Cutie! 

Beautiful African American Model