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"Black history is being attacked in a variety of angles.  It's being said that Black history is 'divisive,' and 'uncomfortable.'  The atrocities, terrors and heart-racing triumphs of Black history are being erased before our the same way early Black history was erased. Black bodies and communities continue to experience attack after attack to not only their identity but their future as well considering the increase in racially motivated mass shootings that have occurred in 2023 alone. However. Black people are STILL making history.  While this is encouraging we must remember the current efforts to erase our wins.  We STAY winning not only because we want to but also because we have to.  They erase a piece of our history we JUST MAKE MORE MOTHERFUCKING HISTORY!  Black AF Magazine seeks to not only celebrate it, we also seek to COMMEMORATE IT because these motherfuckers be lying, man.  We gotta protect the Culture because it holds our HISTORY! This Magazine is an effort to do just that." ~Sanni B., Creator of The Black AF Magazine

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Because we HEAR Black Culture, we promise to always listen to Black Culture's concerns. Because we SEE Black Culture, we promise to prioritize the stories that matter to Black Culture specifically.  Because we UNDERSTAND Black Culture, we GLADLY make the heavy promise to never turn our backs on Black Culture like so many have done in the past.  Because we protect Black Culture, we promise to tell the TRUTH, the whole TRUTH, and NOTHING but the TRUTH about Black Culture and Black History as a whole.  Because we FIGHT for Black Culture, we promise to always keep you informed about new and historical threats to Black Culture and the threats to the preservation of accurate Black History.  Because we PRIORITIZE Black Culture's Best Interest, we promise to prioritize the thoughts, habits, and ideas that encourage the health and well-being of the preservation and elevation of Black history, present, and beyond.



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7900 Int'l Drive Suite 300.
Bloomington, MN 55425


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