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Close up of young woman with colorful makeup smiling against blue background. Beauty shot


If A Woman seeks validation outside herself, she is likely to make choices that are rooted outside her self-interests. Here we will learn how to validate ourselves so as not to fall victim to the whims of other people who may not have the best intentions for us or our destinies.

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Ever heard the phrase: “A closed mouth don’t get fed?” That’s definitely some sage advice!  If you don’t ask for what you want, you’ll NEVER get it. Here we’ll learn how important it is for you to speak up for yourself and your needs.

Close up of beauty shot of woman with blue eye shadows. Portrait of female model with vivi


People will try you, honey.  It’s just human nature. Here you’ll learn how to prepare yourself for when they do, inevitably, try you.

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When you become aware of your own bullshit, you’ll simultaneously become aware of how YOU might be getting in your own way.  Personal development feels good AF! Get in tune!

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