black woman turning back and watching in

Our Mission:

You know that feeling When you're shopping and you find that... 'THING?'  It's cute and it fits and it feels good and it's affordable and it looks really, really good on you. 

Or what about when you get your hair done and not only does it turn out cute AF, but it's cuter than you would've even imagined?

Or what about when you learn something new and it empowers You in real life to face your fears or stand up for yourself or believe in yourself a little more...

It's these moments.

We've created a Boutique, Salon, and Magazine to assist you in achieving these moments more often.

 Because in these moments, you're not worried about another woman. 

You're not worried about some dude.  

You. are. working. on. you.

That's it.

We want you to feel that

We want you to feel "Cute."