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Our Missions is simple. We want Women to 'FEEL' better about themselves by helping them 'Feel Cute.' To 'Feel Cute' is to 'Feel Good.' Think about it. Think about the last time you looked good from head to toe. Even if you've never had that happen think of a Woman who you witnessed shining bright. Hair poppin. Make-Up poppin. Outfit Poppin. Life Poppin. And most importantly, her SOUL is POPPIN! SHE IS LITERALLY VIBES because Everything is POPPIN' and why? Because not only does she look good but she FEELS GOOD TOO! That 'feeling' part is what makes it real and it's what helps it LAST! That's what are mission is! To help Women create more of those moments!

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Mean Girl culture is REAL. It's also one the biggest challenges to our mission. Mean Girl Culture says Girls can't feel good about themselves because we're ALWAYS in competition with one another. Mean Girl Culture tells us there can only be ONE GIRL who gets all the fun and juicy parts of life while the rest of us sit in the shadows of our secret jealousy. Mean Girl culture says we can't be happy for other Girls when their time to shine arrives because we haven't enjoyed ours yet. Mean Girl Culture says we have to play small in our friend groups because we don't want the 'Queen Bee' to feel intimidated. Mean Girl Culture says it's ok to bully our friend circle and pit them against each other for our affections because remember? COMPETITION! Mean Girl Culture says we can't celebrate each other's wins because remember: THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE QUEEN BEE! Mean Girl Culture says it's better to compete than collaborate because ALL WOMEN are competition even when they aren't. You get it. Mean Girl Culture tells us to do a bunch of stuff that doesn't make us 'Feel Cute' in the long run. It's hard to 'Feel Cute' when you don't feel safe to celebrate your wins. It's hard to 'Feel Cute' when your friend circle feels like The Hunger Games, right? These are our greatest challenges in our Mission to help Women 'Feel Cute' and it's no wonder why.

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Education through Media. Everything we do is learned behavior. The good news is that what is learned can also be unlearned. Our Mission is to use media of all kinds to create content that will help Women not only feel good, but also help them 'Feel Cute.' On an average day, any one of us Women can consume media that effects us negatively emotionally. How do you think that effects how we show up in our romantic and platonic relationships when we're in a bad mood? Cutie Booty Media, INC is here to interrupt the effects of negative Media by replacing it with content that helps Women feel good about themselves.

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Mama said keep it simple, and that's exactly what we did here at Cutie Booty Media, INC. We focus on the Mind. The Body. And The Soul. A Magazine for your Mind. A Boutique for your Body. And Classes for the Soul. At Cutie Booty Media, INC., we believe in catering to the Mind, Body, and Soul of a Woman. Here's how it works: -Our Classes introduce Women to content that focuses on self-awareness, social awareness, and emotional IQ. These classes are intended to helo you develop your Self-Mastery and self image. They are self-paced and can be taken online. In-Person Classes coming soon! -We also have a clothing line and online Boutique called 'Cute AF.' that offers a variety of looks for those who would like to update their wardrobe at the same pace that they upgrade their self-image. -Finally, our Magazine focuses on self awareness, social awareness, and emotional IQ just like the classes, but it also focuses on financial intelligence as well. The Magazine is free to all BUT if you'd like to take a DEEPER dive into developing your Self-Mastery then our classes are perfect for you! Our solution is our Mission: help Women develop their Self-Image by developing Self-Mastery. For eons, Women were told to take care of everyone else...what has that paid us collectively? Now ask yourself what Self-Mastery can do for Women Collectively...and then consider what it could do for the world colectively...what would THAT look like? It starts with YOU, Cutie! Remember that!

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