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Our Mission is to help Women improve their self-image by developing Self-Mastery. Self-Image is a key component to 'Feeling Cute.' When you 'feel cute,' you're most likely experiencing the positive effects associated with having a healthy self-image; one where you rely on internal sources like confidence, self-awareness, and emotional IQ instead of relying on the usual external tools like cattiness, gossip, or bullying to 'feel good' about yourself. This is where Self-Mastery comes into play. Women who don't work on themselves tend to rely on tools like cattiness & bullying to move the playing field in their favor. However, when those SAME WOMEN are exposed Women who develop Self-Mastery, those external tools fail miserably because self-control, confidence, and self-awareness provide an almost impenetrable shield against the desired weapons of those who fail to master themselves.

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Mean Girl culture is REAL. It's also one the biggest challenges to our mission. What others call a 'mean girl,' we call a 'an individual who has not yet developed self-mastery.' When you lack self-mastery, you may also lack the proper communication skills needed to effectively communicate your needs. That can result in frustration, which can lead to YOU lashing out at whoever is closest to you in that moment. This 'lashing out' can easily turn into 'mean girl' behavior and now you're engaging in behaviors that you will be embarrassed about in the future. How do you think this will effect YOUR self-image? Exactly. You really didn't mean to do all that but since you lack self-mastery, (which requires self-awareness, social awareness, and emotional IQ) you lack the capacity to communicate that. Now you've fallen out with your friends and you don't even know how you got there! And guess where ALL OF THIS stems from? That's right. A lack of Self-Mastery. How many times have we seen someone confront an bully from high school leaving the bully OFTEN feeling guilty AND confused because they didn't realize they were 'that bad?' How do you think this effects the Bully's Self-Image? Self-Mastery not only prevents you from having to face the unintended consequences of unconsciously bullying people, it's also a great tool to develop your ability to stand up for yourself AGAINST mean girls trying to bully you. How? When was the last time you witnessed someone with a healthy confidence get bullied? When was the last time you witnessed someone with a high emotional IQ and self-awareness get bullied? Exactly. Self-Mastery develops your confidence which improves your self-image....and bully's usually don't go for the 'self confident' types now do they? Take some time to ask yourself why that might be the case.



Mama said keep it simple, and that's exactly what we did here at Cutie Booty Media. We focus on the Mind. The Body. And The Soul. A Magazine for your Mind. A Boutique for your Body. And Classes for the Soul. At Cutie Booty Media, we believe in catering to the Mind, Body, and Soul of a Woman. Here's how it works: -Our Classes introduce Women to content that focuses on self-awareness, social awareness, and emotional IQ. These classes are intended to helo you develop your Self-Mastery and self image. They are self-paced and can be taken online. In-Person Classes coming soon! -We also have a clothing line and online Boutique called 'Cute AF.' that offers a variety of looks for those who would like to update their wardrobe at the same pace that they upgrade their self-image. -Finally, our Magazine focuses on self awareness, social awareness, and emotional IQ just like the classes, but it also focuses on financial intelligence as well. The Magazine is free to all BUT if you'd like to take a DEEPER dive into developing your Self-Mastery then our classes are perfect for you! Our solution is our Mission: help Women develop their Self-Image by developing Self-Mastery. For eons, Women were told to take care of everyone else...what has that paid us collectively? Now ask yourself what Self-Mastery can do for Women Collectively...and then consider what it could do for the world colectively...what would THAT look like? It starts with YOU, Cutie! Remember that!

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