Sanni is a Singer, Performer, and Lyricist located in the Twin Cities, MN.

She started singing when she was 13 but didn't start singing professionally until 2017.  She's performed at the legendary First Avenue main room, as well as the annual Pandora Performs event in California.

She also sings background with a band called "Lady Lark," and has also lended her musical talents to both TV & Radio.

She just recently released  her latest "Rock With Me" and is in search of dope musicians who'd like to play LIVE gigs with her around the Twin Cities and beyond (Hey, YOU! The DOPE MUSICIAN reading's your chance!!)  as soon as outside open back up! 

In the meantime, catch her promoting her The Cutie Booty Boutique and The Cutie Booty Magazine performing at your local open mic night that serves hot, crispy food!