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Just breathe. Virtual attacks suck.  They suck even more when you don't expect them.  A lot of emotions can occur when you read a post attacking your entire existence.  It is completely understandable if you feel sad, mad, hurt, shit confused.  Social Media can be an extremely volatile space for emotional stability so it's always great to remember your REAL LIFE 'reset' buttons like taking a deep breath and centering yourself before you properly go in on this MF.

TIP - This is about gathering yourself.  Virtual attacks can feel  REAL.  Breathing will deliver the Oxygen your brain needs in order to decide whether or not you want to proceed or not.

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Do you want to proceed?  Do you have the emotional capacity to proceed?  You have to make this decision. The choice is up to you. Just understand that IF you do proceed, you WILL need the emotional fortitude to endure a potential increase in insults as that is often the way toxic people respond in virtual spaces.  They LOVE misundstandings! So if being misunderstood triggers you emotionally in a negative or harmful way, you should take this into consideration before you make your choice. If you proceed you need to be honest with yourself about what you might have to endure during your interaction.

TIP - If you DO choose to proceed that does not make you a 'bad person.'   You can only run away from toxic people on the internet for so long.  Desiring to know how to effectively respond to jerks who wish to rain on random people's parade is a honorable choice. 



Once you've decided to proceed take some time and try to understand the statement that was directed at you.  If the statement was a clear cut insult, you have two options: 1. You can disengage/block/mute/leave the conversation; OR 2. You can proceed with a tasty clapback only YOU can provide, Cutie. This is purely your perogative. Either way, take a second and actually comprehend what is being said to you.

TIP -  The crazy things about trolls is that OFTENTIMES their insults don't make sense or their riddled with punctuations and structural errors in the set-up of their sentences.  Remember these things because you're going to need this info for the next step.

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This is the fun part! This is where you practice the heights of emotional intelligence. Because instead of getting offended, you've opted to turn it into something While you search for intel, you're 1. giving yourself time to calm down, just in case that insult stung a little bit, and 2. You're giving yourself time to set your jokes up. But why do you need intel for jokes? Because you're going to Roast them, Cute. A nice saute for your pleasure.

TIP - Keep the net for your intel WIDE but keep it gentle.  You don't want to cause harm, you just want to give them a hard time in their trolling efforts.  



This step will help you understand why your intel is so important. The more intel you have, the more fun you will have creating your rseponse. Let's say they check your profile and start picking at your company/small business. You could get offended OR you could use your wit to turn the engagement into an opportunity to pitch your business right there in the middle of the discussion! And BE YOURSELF! Your wit is like NOBODY ELSE! Use it to show this troll you're not going to back down and you've got enough wit to see this engagement through til the end!

TIP - HEAVY on the 'have fun,' part!  You do not have to be mean spirited for an effective Clapback.  The BEST Clapbacks aren't mean spirited at all.  The BEST Clapbacks turn the insults toxic people project at you right back onto their head.  You have to be witty to do this, Cutie.  Witty, and light on your feet.  Think improvisation.  

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You've listened to what they have to say. You've taken your breaths. You've done your research. Now it's time to post your response. If you're lucky your lack of being impressed by what they probably consider 'wit' will trigger them to insult you more like we mentioned before. They're just doubling down on their insults in the hopes that you'll get triggered and then crash out emotionally.

TIP - ALWAYS check your posts prior to posting them.  Nothing hurts more than crafting an ELITE LEVEL clapback ONLY for you to deliver it poorly. Respect your time enough to make sure your clapback is presented in the absolute BEST light!

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Elementary school conditions us that 'THE TEST' is the most important part of the learning process. Here at Cutie Booty Media, INC. we believe that the magic happens when you apply what you learn. Think about it. Think about a time where application of theory is important in your life. What do you expect from people in your life when you tell them about your needs. How would you feel if they failed to 'apply' the knowledge you shared with them and continued on ignoring your needs. How would that make you feel? Now you understand the importance of 'application.' In Cuties Classes, the 'test' is whether or not you will 'apply' what you've learned. Only then will you begin to learn about yourself and what YOU NEED to 'feel cute.' You just have to apply these methods FIRST. The question and test is...will you?

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