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Cutie Booty Media, INC. debuts its latest Reels series called "Wanna 'Feel Cute?'"

The series features short reels demonstrating how Women can practice self-care in their daily routines to get in on what the media company calls 'The Cute Experience."

"I wanted to create something that could conceptualize what 'Feel Cute' means in real life,' says Sanni B, the CEO and creator of the Media Company. "When you hear 'Feel Cute' what comes to mind? If you draw a blank, don't trip because that's exactly why I created this series. Watching this series will help you capture and experience more 'Feel Cute' moments in your own life and you begin to draw a picture of the type of work we're on a mission to do here."

Sanni says she's excited about the company's mission becoming one about Emotional Intelligence and Wellness. "If you take a look at our timeline you can see that the mission wasn't fully conceptualized until we were several years into building this thing. Once I created the series, it became clear that emotional wellness was paramount to the 'Feel Cute' experience, so that's what we're on right now."

Find out more about Cutie Booty Media, INC's Timeline and Mission.

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