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The Mission of Cutie Booty Media lead to the creation of The Cutie Booty Magazine, an online publication that serves as a handbook for Women seeking to improve their self-image. Now Cutie Booty Media has teamed up with The Cutie Booty Magazine to offer Women online Classes that introduce and educate Women about how Emotional IQ, Accountability, and Self-Awareness can help them on their quest to improve their self-image.

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Ever go online hoping to scroll past some juicy details about somebody else's business and you see YOURS FIRST?!? First of all DO NOT PANIC! STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING and book a consult!

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Engaging with media in public spaces can be more intimidating than you may currently realize. It takes a certain skillset to pull it off because, hey. You're going to talk in public. Might as well do it with style and personal flair. Book a Consult.

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