Hey, Cutie.

My name is Sani and I am a Media Professional in Twin Cities, MN.

I am also, the CEO/Creator of Cutie Booty Media. 

I started this company with one goal in mind:

"Feeling Cute." 

'Feeling Cute' is honestly one of my FAVORITE things about my life and I want Women to experience this feeling as often as possible because 'feeling cute' is often associated with 'feeling unstoppable.' 

This website features a Magazine, Music, Classes (COMING SOON), and even a Boutique for you to shop in. 


This page will help you learn more about me as well as the services I offer.  If you'd like to request more information about booking or how to support our mission, please use the form below to contact me.

Thank you for supporting Cutie Booty Media!



Speaking & Hosting

Request info if you need this service for parties, fundraisers,  luncheons/dinners, keynotes, conferences or workshops.

Personal Styling

Request info if you need to book a a hair appointment for Haircuts, Natural Hair Styling & Personal Image Styling.

Music & Entertainment 

Request if you need Songwriting,  and/or Performance services for your next Music project.

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I LOVE the stage. I love Performing and I LOVE the Performing Arts. I've studied improve for more than 20 years. I'm a Dancer. I started Dancing when I was 5. Started singing at 14.  There is something so mesmerizing to me about performing and putting on a great show.  

I've been in Radio since 2010.  I'm a Host at The Current (Minnesota Public Media) as well as MyTalk Radio.  I'm a Voiceover artist, too.  You've probably heard my voice on Spotify and iHeart radio commercials. I do a lot of voice work for Netflix and I plan on scoring a huge movie to voice in the future.  

Currently, I'm recording my 1st EP.  I have a single out called "Rock With Me."  You can purchase it on this website on the page called "Music."  I plan to do BIG things in the Music & Entertainment industry I always say: "Stay Tuned."