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Hey, Cutie. It's me. Sani. Not a PR agent. Not a blogger or music writer.  Just me. Thanks for visiting my site. ​ I've been writing ever since I was introduced to 'Creative Writing' in 2nd grade.  I remember she encouraged us to write EXACTLY what we wanted no matter what it was and I was off to the races.  I don't remember what I wrote about BUT I do remember loving the practice so much that that by the time I made it to 5th grade I was writing books. I wrote a book called 'The Belching Contest.' My teacher gave us a project where we created our own books.  I was already eyeball deep in to this idea because we got to make our own paperback and everything.  I was an Artsy kid (minored in college) so I was cutting up construction paper constantly.  Getting on Mama's nerves the whole time.  Mama would randomly shoutout 'Who been messing with my scissors SANNI?!?"  That's how much I was cutting up stuff back then. Anyway this book project was already exciting due to the construction piece but to be able to actually put the words in the book? To be THAT person? That was the first time I felt power, honestly.   Once we turned our books in to our teacher, they would then put them out for display for all of us to share and read. I remember as soon as they let us leave our desks I went looking for mine.   To my dismay I could not find my book.  After realizing this I immediately went to my teacher's desk and asked them why I couldn't find my book.  Four words. The only reason why I remember this story is because of those four words: "It was too silly." They really sat there and let me look for a book they knew they didn't put out...then hit me with a final sprinkle of 'it was too silly.' ​ ​ Chump. ​ They didn't get the story.  ​ At first glance one would think it's JUST about a belching contest. It's deeper than that.  The main character wins the belching contest, yes, BUT the reason why it matters is because it's a story of people believing in themselves even if it means believing in something unique about yourself. In this case, the main character was challenged to 'do something cool' by his friends. The kid didn't know how to do anything 'cool' accept 'burp.'   It was the one thing that they knew how to do and they entered a 'belching contest' to do it so they could feel 'seen.'  You can judge me for using burping as a platform to be seen, but your judgment would be ill-advised due to your lack of knowledge about my relationship with the movie 'Revenge of the Nerds.' ​ I was introduced to 'Revenge of the Nerds' against my will by my older brother.   He loved that movie and whenever it came on he watched it. So eventually I started watching it...and starting of it.  Sorta.  It was Booger.  I was fascinated with his burping skills. I could care less what you think of me. I didn't spend millions of dollars to make that movie. Those are the people you clown. You can't clown me for being fascinated with a very natural bodily function. Shame on you.  And shame on my teacher for missing out on an opportunity to talk about bodily functions with me and my classmates in a fun way and uplifting her student for getting caught up in the dang assignment her punk butt introduced to them in the first place. ​ Excuse me. I'm still hurt about that.  I'm in Therapy though, don't trip. I'm definitely bringing this story up in the my next session though. ​ Anyway the point of the story that you just read is that writing can be influential. My writing influenced my teacher to silence my ideas...something a teacher should never do. But it still moved them to action.  I was willing to use my creative expression about something that was important to me in a way that I believed would resonate with my classmate and I was silenced. I take that as a badge of honor. Why?  Because 'Art is supposed to disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed.' It's clear my expression discomforted my teacher. Plus do you know who else has had their art 'silenced?' Ciara got her music video for her song 'Ride' banned on BET. Billie Holiday's 'Strange Fruit' was banned from radio.   Their art was banned just like mine.  ​ I used to not want to write about my story but after some thought and a TON of curveballs in my personal life, I actually do want to write about my story and I want to use Music to do it.  I didn't want to write a book before because I felt like that was a path that a lot of people have taken and I just didn't desire that.   But again, after some thought, I think I want to use my Music to tell my story.   ​ I'm currently attending Pendulum Ink Academy, the first school of Rap and Hip-Hop and I couldn't be more excited.  I found the school while researching a story about Ab Soul teaching a song-writing class for me to talk about a show I host on CarbonSound.FM called 'The Message.'  I applied to get into the class and they called me back.  I was convinced once I saw the classes. ​ I'm currently working on 2 EP's and a mixtape.  The first EP is almost done and I'm actually excited because the concepts for them are coming together.  I'm so excited to be attending school while working on these projects.  ​ Follow me on all socials @CutieBootyCEO to keep up with Music drop details. I truly hope you enjoy the music and if you need a cut PLEASE KNOW because I AM A LICENSED BARBER IN THE STATE OF MINNESOTA and am currently working toward opening a barber shop and Salon under my Cutie Booty Media brand, you know that means you gotta stay tuned, right? Cool. Stay tuned, Stink!

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