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Cutie Chat Webinar


1-2 hrs


There is NOTHING like getting together with the Girls for a good gossip session, right? Precisely. Except our classes aren't created to tear Women down. Our classes are created for Women to DIG DEEP and talk about Taboo topics like:

  • "I've Got A Crush On My Man's Best Friend. What Do I Do?"

  • "My Sister is Jealous of Me. What Do I Do?"

  • "I'm Jealous of My Sister. What do I do?"

  • I'm Jealous of All Successful Women. What do I do?"

  • "I'm Jealous of My Best Friend. What do I do?"

  • "I Don't Feel Like I Have Anything Going On. What do I Do?"

Cutie Chat webinars are versatile. Our topic selection is a diverse as the community of Women we serve. That said, if there is a specific topic that you would like to focus on then we are definitely able to meet your needs. Just mention that you'd like a 'Custom' Cutie Chat class and we can custom design your next workshop or event.

If you work with Women and you are in need of an program that will help build their confidence up and increase commeradery a Cutie Chat class will serve your workshop needs. Online classes are available and highly reccomended as we understand the path of Motherhood may not always come equipped with a car.

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