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Master of Ceremonies



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Keep your guests engaged and entertained (and YOUR nervous system running smoothly) throughout the entirety of your next event by booking a Master of Ceremonies package. The package includes:

  • One custom Event Consultation

  • Sound Check (Required)

  • Rehearsal (Optional)

  • 1-4 hour Presentation created specifically for your pre-determined Guest List

  • Follow-Up

  • Thank You! (10% toward your next M.C. Package!)

Don't let stage fright stall your plans! If getting up in front of an audience is the last thing you want to do in your event planning, then DON'T DO IT! Book a service created for people just like you!

Let us worry about keeping your program/event running smoothly and on schedule and introducing your events speakers, performers, and/or special guests while you tend to all the other elements of your event.

Call us today to learn how we can help you leave a lasting impression with your guests at your next event!

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