I saw a tweet this morning that revealed how many Women are out here giving up the cookie for practically nothing.

Let me say it different. Women are having sex yet not experiencing a climax...and I'm just hurt about it. Sex isn't just about the act, chile. The climax is EVERYTHING! Let's not bulls!t with our pleasure...or time, ladies. Life is entirely to short for climax-deficient romps!


Sex is beautiful to me.

It's the primal intersection of two bodies and souls willingly meeting each other to take a physical, emotional, and psychological adventure of least that's how I feel.

Notice I said "two." You and Him/Her. Meaning you BOTH should be getting something out of it....BOTH!


Mama used to have a saying: "A closed mouth don't get fed." If you don't speak up about your needs, who gon do it for you, Boo?

Have you ever heard of a Man not achieving a climax during sex? Rarely, right? That's because Men speak up about their needs; they were taught to do this since they were young. Women? Not so much. We were taught to take care of EVERY DAMN BODY ELSE and that achieving this feat somehow makes you a good Woman. I think...and hear me out here...that this is why so many Women ain't catching a climax. A lot of that mindset has crept into our sex lives and that's just trash. Pure. Trash.


What I'm saying is this: you gotta FIRST find out what turns you on and then you MUST communicate that to your partner...but the work of finding out what excites you sexually is on YOU! Whether you have a serious medical condition that effects your ability to achieve one...or you just don't know what you like...or you're just too scared to speak out about your sexual is YOUR responsibility to do the ground work of discovering the most efficient, safe, and healthy path to YOUR climax. You get in this world what you are willing to ask and work for....that includes your orgasms, Sis! Otherwise, how will they know what you want? Also, if they don't know what you want because YOU failed to do the work of discovering it AND communicating it, whose fault is that? Your climax is YOUR business. Take care of YOUR business, Sis! It's not on your partner...cause like Martin told Gina on that episode where he went on that crazy diet: "Well, Gina I got mine!" That's how people feel! You may find a partner that's willing to make sure that you reach your climax before them...but if in the event that happens without YOU disclosing to them what YOU want, chances are they'll just be trying methods on you that they learned from someone else. I that what you want? You want somebody's recycled moves on you?

Men are always telling us what they like...keep that same energy! If you're puttin' in the work...doin' tricks and educating yourself on how to please your partner but fail to keep that SAME energy for your own sexual needs...what message are you saying about yourself and your needs? I'll tell you what you're saying...that it's not important...that your climax is not important... and if it's not important to you, how you gon expect it to be important to your partner? Knowledge of self, Sis. Knowledge of Self.





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