Somewhere in hair history, young girls were led to believe that a tighter braid is somehow a "prettier" braid. Because of this, we've been causing avoidable trauma to our hairlines which often leads to us feeling the 'need' to wear wigs which, if not cared for properly, can end up in more damage to our hairlines.

Plus, it's just uncomfortable. And it's itchy. And it hurts. And you can't sleep on it. And it tears your hair out. And it can lead to scalp damage.

It's just not worth it. Get comfortable being CLEAR about the tightness of your braids when you're getting them done. Communicate with your stylist when something doesn't feel right on your scalp. Say that shit, Sis! You're the one paying them your hard earned money. Respect yourself enough to communicate when something they're doing is hurting you. Respect yourself enough to make sure that you're walking away from that experience with what you paid for.

Now, we're definitely not advocating sloppy installations. Not at all. We're advocating proper installations. We want you to enjoy TF outta your style without sacrificing your hairline or follicles.

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