First and foremost, please remember this: "You ARE the Bag." This'll make sense in a couple of minutes.

Ok. When they said "Secure the Bag," I'm pretty sure they weren't talking about the ones under your eyes...but they actually DO count in that statement just as much as your actual bag does. Stress will have you losing all kinds of hair, sleep, and you have to be very mindful about your stress levels. A lil stress is the stress of developing yourself, trying new adventures, and expanding your potential...but the type that comes from people WILLINGLY being on bullshit AND THEN NOT taking accountability for how it's wreaking havoc in their lives? Yeah, Nah. Avoid that shit like the plague. That ole 'Birds of a feather' quote ain't NEVER lied.


Exercise. Eat like TF you know you're supposed to eat and quit playin' with your health like issa game out here. Cause it's not. ESPECIALLY if you're a Black Woman (do some research on our health in's really not a game...we MUST take better care of ourselves). Get that shit in order, ASAP.

Also, stop allowing toxic people into your space... AND you know EXACTLY who I'm talking about. We ALL have that ONE toxic MF we tolerate in our lives for WHATEVER reason .... but STOP IT! Putting up with other people's self-made bullshit is just another means of avoidable stress making its way into your life. Protect your space at all costs. Cause if you don't, it might cost you your youthful beauty....and even worse your health. Health is wealth, baby. Don't let nobody rob you of your wealth....SECURE YOUR BAGS! ALL OF THE BAGS! EVERY MF LAST ONE OF THE BAGS! YOU ARE THE BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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