Look. We know what it is, Chile.

These hair companies CONSTANTLY coming up with all kinds of new lace front technology. B.Simone, Kash Doll, and Megan Thee Stallion ain't makin' it no easier watchin' their strands dance in the wind as they twirl and leave us in collective awe. It's a FABULOUS time to be alive in the weave world right now! As it continues it's expansion, it's becoming more and more clear that it's VERY easy to impulse buy the latest looks ESPECIALLY when they make it so easy. Seriously. All you need is a cash app account and a healthy "click" finger and your unit is on the way!

But this post isn't about impulse buying (we'll discuss how to keep your pockets #cute in a later post). No. This is about organization & how it can take your ENTIRE beauty situation to the next level. Buying lace fronts is exciting AF, but having to sort through that shit cause you were so excited to install the unit, but didn't take time to decide where you would store it once you're ready to change your look because your organization game is trash...is not.

Organize your weave closet, sis. From top to bottom. Be mindful of how you put your units back in it's packaging. When you're ready to change your unit, you want to make sure you either place it back in the packaging it arrived in, or find another industry standard way to store your units. This way, you'll not only protect the integrity and shape of your units, but you'll also be protecting the investment you made when you purchased the unit.

And for those of you who don't have one, I suggest designating one for the health & well-being of the units you are purchasing.

Finally, research how successful hair stylists store their units. What techniques do they use? Do they use any products on the hair before storing it? How long can they be stored? If you're gonna pay hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of dollars on something, due diligence to find out how to preserve that something so that you can preserve your investment in it as well.

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