Keke Wyatt recently announced that she got remarried. Word on the street is her last relationship just didn't work out (this ain't a gossip site, baby...we stick to the meat and potatoes of self care, self awareness, and self love.. not the messy stuff!) and the good Sis picked her life tf up and moved it right tf along.

So the discussion on twitter regarding Keke's relationship #GlowUp has been an interesting one with regard to how Men feel about Women who have children from previous relationships. Peep what one sistah said about the situation:

When a Man wants you he shows it. Period.

You don't have to guess.

You don't have to ask him "What are we?"

You won't have to chase him.

Men are very direct.

If he wants you, HE WILL SHOW IT!

It will be evident af, Sis.

They're raised to be direct about what they want in life. Just think about it. If you were with a Man and he was going back and forth between several Women (including yourself), could you safely say that he was interested in just one of them?? Nope. He wants all of them BECAUSE he is pursuing all of them. He is pursuing all of the them because he wants ALL OF THEM. His actions are showing you what he wants.

The same thing applies to Men who pursue Women who are already in relationships, too. He doesn't care that the Woman he's pursuing is in a relationship. HE WANTS HER (and apparently all the smoke because there isn't ONE self-respecting Male that's just going to let some other Man pursue his Woman on his watch...so if buddy is pursuing REGARDLESS of the presence of a whole other Man, he CLEARLY wants her). We're not condoning or judging this, we're just pointing out that when a Man wants something, he goes for it regardless of the obstacles.

No matter your situation, know that if he REALLY wants you, he will pursue you...his desires will be evident in his actions.