"Sexy does not come from the shape of the body, but the fire in the soul."

~J. Iron Word

Nobody tells you

It's okay to call yourself Beautiful

It's okay to smile at mirrors

And it's perfectly fine to say that your own eyes are pretty

It's wonderful to love your waist

and your legs

regardless of their size

and you are not conceited

if you use your fingers to point out every little pretty curve

rather than point

at all your little petty flaws

You can acknowledge how much your curves make you smile

when you see yourself in a mirror

and that you're gonna turn heads

when you wear that new bodysuit

It's totally appropriate to get excited about that new hairstyle,

bold lip color, or new nail color.

Nobody tells you that it's okay to feel beautiful. For in feeling beautiful, we inspire other beauties to join in on the fun.

Inspired By AKR (Pinterest)

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