Maya Angelou TOLD us but we keep actin' like we ain't tryna hear what she's saying:

"When someone shows you who they are...BELIEVE THEM!"

People will ALWAYS show you who they are but you gotta tune in. The cues are there. You rarely have to guess what someone is about because their actions will more often than not show you all you need to know about them.

There was a quote on social media that's a more modern version of what Aunty Maya tried to school us about people and it goes like this:

"Let people do what they wanna do so you can see what they'd RATHER do."

Now, I don't know who said that...but the meaning rings as true as the meaning behind Queen Angelou's quote: People will always SHOW you who they are. What you do with that information will either help or hurt's all up to you.

#PayAttention #MayaAngelou




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