Booty Shorts are fun! We know why ya'll like to wear 'em....they're sexy AF! They're like the twin sister to leggings! They're comfortable and they hug your curves in ALL the right places! Plus! We know the powerful feeling of walking past a reflection of ourselves with these bad boys on. It's powerful and sexy and reassuring! It's one of the few times we can actually feel comfortable AND sexy at the same time. These things hold a lot of power!

But with great power comes great responsibility. Like your responsibility to the health and well-being of your vagina? Yeah. Her. She may not like all that curve-hugging attention around her neighborhood. In fact, a good romp with some less-than-clean booty shorts might set your whole sex life back 2 weeks if you ain't careful!

The point?

Wash your booty shorts. Find the care instructions and use them. Also keep in mind what type of detergent you are using to clean them because this could ALSO set that ass back and not in the way Booty Shorts were intended for! You MUST take care of the things that take care of you! Your booty shorts took yo whole confidence game to the next level; the LEAST you can do is make sure they're clean when you rock 'em.

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