"If you're anything like me, then you're hard as fuck on yourself. You often forgive others easily for their mistakes but when it comes to your own, you'll hold grudges against yourself forever - but you're working on that part.

Your passion, ambition and determination to get something that you want isn't anything that you're scared of - it actually isn't anything new. You've learned to be hella tough on the outside but on the inside; man, you're super sensitive with heart that is often way bigger than you.

You have a smart ass mouth - a gift and a curse - but it's really only used as a defense mechanism towards those who think that they can walk all over you. You often consider the opinion of respected friends and family when it comes to choosing men because all you want is someone who will go as hard for you as you'll go for them... and if they aren't willing to go as hard for you as your respected friends and family will, you know they'll let you know.

If you're anything like me, going hard in life is just what you do... And slowly you're starting to realize that maybe that's not such a bad thing after all."

Inspired By:

Cici B - TheCrimsonKiss

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