This post might make you feel uncomfortable...but discomfort is often associated with personal growth and development. So, if you're really tryna grow & change, you might need to hear this. Answer this question (to yourself): "What do YOU need to feel beautiful?" Bundles? Mink Lashes? A Waist Trainer? Stiletto nails? Red Bottoms? Tru to tone foundation? A whole new wardrobe? What thing do you NEED to feel confident?

Now some of you ladies know where I'm going with this. When you asked yourself that question, you might've said something like "NOT A MF THANG, B!" That's good news. All is not lost. But some of ya'll may be hearing this for the first time. Here's what I'm saying: If you need ANYTHING outside yourself to FEEL confident, you may be setting yourself up for some real emotional AND financial disappointment in your future. Why?

Well, first of all it's important to note that Cutie Booty Media ain't got no problems with Women who like to switch up their looks cause THAT shit is FUN! We know EXACTLY how it feels to pull TF up with a new look only to switch it up on em one more time before the weekend is through...WHEW, Chile! WE KNOW! BUT, we ALSO know that your intentions behind WHY you wanna switch up your look are just as important...if not MORE important than the damn look itself! If you're doing it just cause you like doing it, then we're not talking to or about you. (Go. TF. Off. PLEASE! Cause It inspires us!) We're talking to the ladies who think they NEED things that come from outside themselves to be beautiful. Baby Girl, you don't need those things. These beauty companies will rob you blind if you keep thinking that. All you ever needed was confidence.

Confidence is powerful. VERY, powerful. Law 34 of Robert Green's '48 Laws of Power' teaches that if one wants to be treated like royalty, one must carry themselves like royalty. And if you're gonna go through the trouble of "acting" like you're royalty, doesn't it make sense to just BELIEVE that you're royalty in the first place?

It starts on the inside. You gotta believe in yourself so much that your energy makes the people around you act accordingly. I'm not talking Bitter Bitch energy either. (Mean girls can kick all the rocks. Being nasty ain't never been cute and if you think different, watch how that shit deflates your bad. Ain't nobody with money to spare gon put up with NOBODY'S shitty attitude nor treatment. Fuck around w/ your bag if you want.) I'm talking about that energy that incites people to approach you with care & respect. When you're confident it shows in your posture. It shows in the way you speak. It shows in the way you do pretty much EVERYTHING. When people see that "show" they know they gotta keep it cute cause you might put that ass on mute! It's a non-verbal message to the world that you KNOW what you working with, you KNOW how much it's worth, and you're NOT AFRAID to demand what it's due. When you KNOW that shit on the inside...when you believe that shit from the inside, it really doesn't matter what's being worn on the outside. And THAT'S why it's the ONLY outfit you'll ever really need. I mean..don't go outside bucked-ass naked. You obviously need clothes due to laws...but just don't think you need a certain type of clothes to feel beautiful, needed, and valued.

Bottom line? You shouldn't NEED to keep lining the pockets of these beauty company CEO's with your hard-earned money just to feel like you're worthy or beautiful, or valued. You only need to believe in yourself and your abilities and then start making moves with that energy.


Now, put ya pocketbook away and go read some Maya Angelou. 'Still I Rise' is a wonderful place to start!



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