Our theme this month will be "The Bag."

'The Bag' is AAVE (African-American Vernacular English) term used to described one's financial situation. The quote, "Secure the bag" means one should always make decisions that will ultimately result in 'securing the bag.'

Our 4 areas of focus this month will be in these areas of development:

Week 1 - Nutrition

Week 2 - Soul

Week 3 - Love Lessons

Week 4 - Emotional IQ

There are 4 full weeks in September. Try to work on one focus per week so that you can really give yourself a chance to learn some things about yourself. Write them down somewhere you can CLEARLY see them. Every morning, read the focus of the week and connect it to a personal goal related to said focus.  TAKE YOUR TIME! Beyonce was not built in a day! It takes time to become YOUR idea of an ideal Cutie. Take your time and really meditate on these focal points cause we're in this for the long haul.


You are what you eat. It's really hard to 'feel cute' when your stomach is bloated (we know from personal experience). It's extremely hard to 'feel cute' when your skin is breaking out because you eat a diet that isn't serving you. It's hard to 'feel cute' when the food you eat makes you feel horrible. Your food is your fuel. Think about it. Would you put shitty fuel into your nice car? Pretty sure you wouldn't. Here's another question: would you wash your hair with a shampoo that YOU KNOW is going to damage your hair? Ok. Keep the same energy you do with your diet like you do with your hair, skin, and make-up.

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