I think a lot of people don't understand what real romance is.

Anyone can buy flowers, candy, and jewelry... if he's just going through the motions with no real meaning behind buying you those gifts then there's no real love in that.

Truly romantic things in life are those little things he does every day to show you he cares and that he's thinking about you.

It's him going out of his way to make you happy.

The way he holds your hand when you're scared.

Or when he saves some food for you.

When he sends a random text in the middle of the day cause he knows you like that shit.

The way he stops to kiss you or smack that ass when you walk past.

It's dedicating your favorite song to you and letting you eat all his fries even though you said you didn't wanna get nothing to eat.

It's him pausing his favorite show so you can tell him about your day.

It's also you laughing at his jokes...even the really lame ones cause you know he be tryin' so hard to make you laugh.

Romance ain't really got nothing to do what you buy. It's more about what you give. True romance is in the gestures and if you can see his gestures, celebrate him for that.