There's nothing quite as attractive as the Man who teaches his Woman things without making her feel dumb for not knowing it.

Some Men find strength in putting their Women down.

Not the Man who teaches.

The Man who teaches does so to enlighten and lift all those who are willing to learn from his knowledge. A Man of great standing wants nothing less than a Woman who can match that energy.

If you've found that him love. Respect him. It ain't too many running around out here like him, so water that plant when you pull up on him.


There are going to be times when you meet a good, fine, yummy-diddly umptious Man that happens to be in a relationship. If he's in a relationship, respect that relationship. In doing so, you will be respecting him and showing him love; especially if he's in a relationship with a good Woman. Encouraging him in EVERY way to stay in that healthy relationship is a form of love...for him and for yourself...cause why be the side chick in someone else's story when you could be the main chick in your own? Don't settle for less than the best, Mama. You're better than that.

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