We always talk about putting good things into our bodies but rarely discuss the good things we can put AROUND our bodies, too.

Either way, BOTH are equally important.

Think about your crew.

Do they treat you well? Do they show up and show out for you? If so, keep them! If you're blessed enough to have a dope crew of day ones you better appreciate them. Those are hard to come by. Take care of them like they take care of you. Be there for them like they are for you. In doing so, not only are surrounded by good things but you are also DOING good which in turn, is a good for you too!

Do the same thing with your food. Imagine eating GOOD food with GOOD peoples. Imagine putting food that nourishes your insides and keeps your skin looking firm and plush AF! Imagine sharing laughs in between bites...don't choke now! But also imagine feeling safe, satisfied, loved, and supported. That ain't even the end of it, though. NOW, imagine NOT having the "itus" after all this fun. Imagine feeling energized and fueled AF! Imagine your food working FOR your and not AGAINST you. That's what good food can do for you.

Both of these acts are nourishing. Nourishment is a sign of self-respect. Nourish yourself on a regular basis in all areas that require it the most.