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If you want to alter the direction of your path for someone, it's not love.

If you want to change your values for someone, it's not love.

If you want to put your dreams on hold, compromise who you are, or swallow your truth for someone, it's not love.

It's an unhealed part of you recognizing an unhealed part in them. Ironically, it is often the most passionate connection because of the intense familiarity. You have to see it for what it is. They're a lesson, not a soul mate. They aren't meant to fill the tears inside of you. THey're meant to further rip those tears open so you give them an HONEST look and finally repair what's really broken. That way when true love DOES come, you will TRULY love from WHOLENESS.

Your capacity to heal will deepen your capacity to love so that you do not reduce the other into being your medicine, distraction, or possession. Do not remold who you are. Remember: Love never demands you change. It only ever demands you become honest and whole.

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