You got all that sauce and you just wasting it on the floor cause you too busy watchin' another Woman swim in her sauce.

What kinda sense does that make? There is literally no reason to be so distracted with another Woman's dopeness to the point where you forget your own. If you like something she's doing then take notes and do your OWN thang. Never sit in jealousy. It's a complete waste of time...time that could be used preparin', perfectin', and drippin' yo sauce more effectively.

But wtf is sauce?

Sauce is your flavor...your unique flavor.

It's what makes you YOU. It's the thing people remember about you most when you're not there. It's the thing that you got that NOBODY in this whole entire world don't got...and it's you knowing how to use it to your benefit...shit...and to be honest, the world, too. Not to hurt other people, but to take care of yourself and your needs while celebrating all the dope shit about you. Sauce is the thing people can't forget about us. Think about barbecue sauce. Whether you like it or not, that shit is unforgettable. You taste it once and you'll never forget how it tastes. Same with honey mustard, ranch dressing... you get where this is going.

A wise Woman once said: "Be careful not to leave a bad taste in people's mouth about you." That was a cautionary tale about YOUR sauce and the way in which you expose it to the world. What type of energy do you bring to the room? Are people sad when you arrive and happy when you leave...and if so why? Cause this honestly could be a good and bad thing. If it's good keep drippin'. But if it's bad...ask yourself this question: Why am I leaving situations tasting worse off than when I found them?

You have an unforgettable sauce...but like mentioned before, that could be a good thing or bad thing. The choice is up to you. What kind of taste do you wanna leave when it's all said and done?

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