There's a dope saying about success that might make your day and it goes like this:

"Success is the progressive realization of worthy goal or ideal."

Earl Nightingale really did his thang when he said this. It reminds us all that if we can be whoever we want to be IF we are willing to "be" it.

We don't need permission from society or our beloved mentors.

We don't even need to know wtf we're doing.

All we need to know is whether or not we're gonna chase our dreams or let them die. If we choose to take action...A.K.A. "Be" the person we want to be... that act of pursuing our "worthy goal or ideal," puts us in the league of successful. In your moment of action you are successful because you are being what you want to be.

Think about all the people who are successful. Did they reach success because they DIDN'T do anything? Nope.

They're successful because they pursued their goals and after hanging in past all the triumphs that pursuit threw at them, they STILL achieved their goal. They would not have achieved their goal had they chosen NOT to pursue it in the first place...and that is why the act of chasing your dream...whatever tf it is that makes you successful...according to Earl Nightingale, at least.

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