You gotta learn when to leave a situation that's no longer serving you.

This is called "Fall-Back" game. It's your ability to leave any person, place, or thing that has shown itself to be something that isn't help you grow anymore. Not everybody has it, but everybody can learn how to use and strengthen it.

It starts with how much you value yourself. If you don't value yourself that much, you will probably treat yourself like you don't value yourself. You'll let people treat you like you're low value. You'll eat food that is of low value. You'll make choices that are of low value....this shit is contagious. If you really don't think much of yourself it will show. As a result people will follow your lead about how to treat you.

Now, the Woman who gets frustrated with this and wants to change this will begin to learn what she will and won't tolerate. This Woman will grow tired of people treating her any type of way. Once she begins to identify the treatment that she doesn't like, she can better able identify what she refuses to tolerate. As she develops, she will also learn how to communicate these things. She will learn that in order for people to now how to treat her, she will have to communicate that not only in the way she treats herself, but also in the way she carries herself. When you see her, she will behave in a way that lets you know what she will and will not tolerate.

Once this happens, she will learn to "Fall-Back" or remove herself from situations that are filled with the things that she refuses to tolerate. Her Fall-Back game/skill will continue to grow and grow as she improves her idea of herself and what she feels she deserves.

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