Sis. You just gon have to accept the fact that not everybody is gonna like you. That's not a bad thing either. You're literally not for everyone. Foundations aren't the same for everyone so why should you be? Even though you're one-of-a-kind (and make no mistake, you definitely are) not everybody is gonna see your greatness...and in some cases they WILL see your greatness and try to smother it because they know how "great" it is. Regardless, here's how to not waste your fucks on people who are committed to misunderstanding you.

  1. Breath + Pause before you React: Tune inwards to the sensations throughout your body

  2. Note The Messenger + Ask: "Does this person have a life I'd want for myself?" "Does this person have emotional health?"

  3. Acknowledge the Ego Stories that Pop Up + Allow yourself to observe: "They hate Me," "I suck."

  4. Practice detaching from the ego desire to defend or explain because your life is for you

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