Fear is a hateful bitch on the 1st day of her period. Fear will talk you out yo draws better than the smoothest Man ever could IF it meant holding onto that comfortable feeling of safety. It can keep you from asking for that promotion you know DAMN WELL you deserve...it can also keep in a space so small that you resent the sight of ANY and ALL Women who dared to break tf free from it.

Oh, yeah. Fear is a MF. BUT you can overcome fear with courage.

Yes. You might look stupid. Yes. You might fall flat on yo face in front of that FINE ass Brotha at the coffee shop. YES! Your peers ARE going to judge you ruthlessly...but these are the costs to living your life. Going after your shit means risking looking like a fool, but choosing NOT to means risking NOT living out your dreams.

Both scenarios have risks. Which one you gon take, boo?

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