First off, you ain't never gonna be able to help ANYBODY if you can't help yourself first, Sis. I know you pride yourself in being everything to everybody because some jackass told you that being "Superwoman" was the be all and end all of Womanhood, but if you don't (at the very least) analyze whether that outcome is actually serving you and your lifestyle, you might find yourself in a medical facility being treated for a nervous breakdown.

Don't mess around. The body has a way of hitting the reset button on that ass when you continually ignore its needs. Don't say you weren't warned. Do some research on the effects of lack of rest and sleep then come back to me.


I know. It feels good to be there for the people you love. I get it. But you know what feels better? Being there for yourself. How many times have you stacked your day with other people's sh*t that LITERALLY didn't have ANYTHING to do with you or your needs? And how many times have you sat in your car or some stank ass bathroom stall asking yourself, "Why did I sign up for this sh*t?" And how many more days, weeks, months, or years are you going to keep doing this to yourself? Huh?

Ain't nothing wrong with saying "No." Not one damn thing. People's feelings might get hurt, but I promise you...THEY WILL GET OVER THAT SH*T. Your mental health, on the other hand, won't and it isn't going to last long if you keep saying no to IT MORE than you say no to other people. Stop filling your day with other people's sh*t. I get that we are supposed to help each other...but that doesn't mean we're supposed to ignore our basic needs in the process. Now, if you MUST help for familial reasons, AT LEAST plan an hour in EACH DAY for yourself if for nothing else than to process how much you've done for other people. I mean, how many times do you give yourself a pat on the back for helping all these people? When was the last time you treated yourself JUST for being a treat to other people? However much you pour into other people, you need to make sure you are pouring that SAME amount back into yourself. Otherwise, you're gonna empty your glass and not a damn soul is gonna come by and fill you up...and you know why? Because you out here making people believe you don't need a damn refill in the first place cause you're too busy trying to take care of everyone else BUT yourself. That's trash, sis. Pure trash. You deserve better.


Think about the message you are sending when you do this. You're saying: "Oh, I'm okay being your rug. By all means, please walk all over me and don't you dare worry about cleaning me! I can take it!" I mean...wtf, Sis? That's how you want people to treat you?

Look, you...me...we ALL teach people how to treat us by how we treat ourselves. If you out here doin' your best Energizer Bunny expression, don't be mad if people follow suit. Learn how to say, "No," to stuff and don't feel bad about it. Why would you feel bad about taking care of yourself? Who taught you to do that? And why, if it's got you in a bathroom stall questioning your decisions about life, would you continue to take lessons from that chump? F*ck all that, Sis.

Your peace of mind comes first. Remember that.

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