Keep the honest moments of life close to your heart. The ones that are MOST human.

When you laugh until your ribs ache with your friends...

When you learn something awesome about yourself...

When you feel the stars exploding inside of you from falling in love...

When you see your plans slowly but surely coming together...

When life breaks you open and those tears of transformation pour like a river from your soul...All of those. These are the juiciest parts of life and NOT to be ignored or overlooked. Embrace all of these when they come around.

Life really is quite simple.

We get to experience this planet for a brief while.

We get to learn how to love ourselves and one another for the strange, messy, and magical creatures we are.

What a gift it is to have human life.

If you look a little closer, there is always something to be grateful for...ALWAYS.

True gratitude isn't ignoring the darkness of life.

It's participating with your WHOLE heart in WHATEVER moment life brings.

It's leaning into the unfolding process and having the courage to NOT need all the answers.

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