It's that time of year when people start to spend more money than they should on things they really shouldn't be spending it on. I know. That sentence doesn't make sense...yet people STILL do exactly what that sentence is talking about, and they do it EVERY year.

Listen, taking care of people feels MAD good! So, we get you wanting to be apart of that. We get that there are legitimate "back to school" items you wanna get for your cousins, nieces, and nephews. We get you wanting to get caught up in Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We get it. It feels using your money to do good by your people.

But Wait... ask yourself this question.....why does gift-giving have to set you back financially? Why can't you enjoy giving gifts and the ability to come back to a lovely bank account when you're through? If you haven't experienced this feeling, just listen...

Securing the Bag Feels Good AF!...Imagine being in a position to plan for the big ticket items you want in life. In fact, imagine NOT being in this position...cause this applies to ya'll, too. Now, imagine saving your money, budgeting, and not acting like you ain't got no home training with ya money....and even if you DON'T have any home training on money management...imagine being a Woman who educates herself about the topic and doesn't use her past as an excuse to continually f**k her money over.

Now, imagine paying for things at the counter and NOT feeling bad (or worried) about how much you've spent. Imagine that sh*t. If you're out here trying to better yourself, the LEAST you can do is make sure you're putting in the same effort with your financial affairs. Make that sh*t match. It's dope being a good person, but it's even MORE dope when you're a good person and your money is good, too.

How Do I Do That? Get a budget. A budget will give you a clear vision of how much money you got coming in and how much money you got going out. If you got more going out than coming in, then you've got some things you need to change about yourself so that you can, at the VERY least, enjoy the money you're making.

Look at your money. Stop being scary and take control of what's happening in your bank account. Stop crossing' ya damn fingers every time you go to check your balance or swipe your card at the register...cause playing "moment of truth" at the register is embarrassing AF. Avoid that by choosing not to bulls*t with your money. Level your pocketbook up by using a budget that works for YOU and YOUR lifestyle. Secure the bag, Sis. Secure the damn bag.



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