You ain't doin' nobody any favors by choosing to be small. Living a "safe" life is indeed safe...but how safe are you when you continue to rob yourself of the opportunity to live the life you REALLY wanna live?


You know that little feeling you feel when you see people doing what you wanna do? Sometimes you feels sad because even though you convinced yourself that the dream was impossible, the fact that they are LIVING IT proves your theory wrong. If they can do it, why can't you?

You might also feel angry. You might even be jealous. Angry because you're probably getting irritated from seeing people live out YOUR dream while you keep lying to yourself about how impossible it is. Jealous because you secretly wish you had enough guts to get out here and do the same. You might even be one of those people who try to kill the dreams of other people because you just can't stomach the reality of someone else living out their dreams in front of you.

While we would NEVER approve of you killing anyone's dream (don't be that person...ew.) we do understand that these emotions make sense. Nobody is faulting you for feeling how you feel. But why not view those emotions as red flags that you may not be living in your truth? Don't be like other people who run away from their emotions. Take note! Emotions hide all kinds of lessons and messages about what our bodies are trying to tell us. That sadness, anger, and jealousy may be your body's physical response to you bullshitting about what you really want.


Maybe it's your body that's sad about you continually choosing to ignore what you really want. Maybe it's your body that's angry with you because you keep choosing to ignore what you really want. Maybe it's your body that's jealous of you because you keep choosing fear instead of choosing what you really want. Stop ignoring your body. Stop ignoring your dreams! If other people can do can you! Get tf out here and be your very best self! Life is entirely too short to be living it ANY OTHER WAY than how you want it, Sis. Period.





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