It can be VERY frustrating when someone copy’s your style. You took your precious time to craft your look/idea & now this heffa thinks she’s gonna get all the credit for what I created? Uh uh. We get it. The need for creativity (Especially in the fashion world) will ALWAYS be a thing & when you’ve spent hella long nights finding your creative “thing,” it can feel like being robbed at gunpoint when somebody steals your idea. But let me invite you to think about your influence a lil differently.

There‘s a quote that says:

“Imitation is the HIGEST form of praise.” -Anonymous

When people copy you, it’s because you got the juice plain & simple. Do you see people copying folks who don’t have the juice? Right. You’ve got something special & people wanna be apart of that.

Instead of focusing on what you think you lost when they copied you, try to put MORE FOCUS on how influential you are & you’ll find you have a FOUNTAIN of fun stuff that the Copycats just can’t keep up with. If you’re constantly creating & pouring out authentic ideas, people will start to notice ...and NOT just the ones copying you!

Here are 8 quotes that might help you change your perspective about YOUR INFLUENCE & why you needn’t worry about folks swagger jackin’ yo shit!

“First they laugh. Then they copy.”


“If you want to be original, be ready to be copied.”

-Coco Chanel

”If someone is copying you, you won.”


“They can imitate your style but they can’t imitate your creativity.”


“The best compliment someone can give you is to copy you.”


”Don’t worry about people copying you...worry about when they stop.”


“You KNOW you’re winning when you see you are being copied.”

-Robin Sharma

“Never be intimidated by someone who copies you. The original is always BETTER than the sequel.”


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