The best gift a Man can give a Woman is his time; attention, his love, his protection, his trust, and his support...consistently.

When a Woman knows that she truly has a man in her corner in a positive capacity, it is much easier for her to bring her guard down to love again. Most Women don't have the best track record when it comes to trusting (or choosing good) Men. Most Women have been through their own share of abuse whether it be on a physical, emotional, or verbal level.

To be honest, sometimes a good man will scare a good Woman because he'll come off as "to good to be true." She'll look for his flaws first, before she can truly appreciate what makes him flawless in her eyes. This is a defense mechanism that she uses in an attempt to catch the bad guy before he hurts her like the others did in her past. His time, however, in addition to his attention, love, protection, trust, support, and consistency will eventually convince her this he's truly not like the 'others' she trusted before. His actions will show her who he really is. This may take some time, but if both parties are patient, it will happen.

When a Woman meets a man who is ready to give her the love that she deserves, it will scare her at first; and then...eventually if both parties really want to make their "thing" work, it will leave her feeling completely at peace.

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