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  1. PHYSICAL SELF-CARE - Taking care of our bodies is a large component of self-care, but it doesn't have to include a vigorous exercise routine. The key to self-care is that it should be something you enjoy. It shouldn't feel like an obligation. Some ideas: Yoga, eating more veggies and fruits, or going for a walk or a ride on you bike.

  2. EMOTIONAL SELF-CARE - Emotional self-care is about becoming more in tune with our emotions. It's about checking in with yourself, becoming more mindful of your triggers and thinking patterns, and finding ways to work through them, rather than bottling them up inside. Some ideas: journaling, Mindfulness and meditation, being creative such as expressing your emotions through painting, writing, cooking, etc.

  3. SPIRITUAL SELF-CARE - Spiritual self-care doesn't necessarily have to relate to religion, although it can for some people. When you practice spiritual self-care, you are nourishing your soul, striving for inner peace, and seeking to find purpose and meaning in your life. Some ideas: Meditation, spending time in nature, donating to a charity or cause you believe in.

  4. INTELLECTUAL SELF-CARE - This type of self-care includes doing something you enjoy that nourishes and challenges your mind. It expands your knowledge. Learning a new skill can be a type of self-care activity in this category. Some ideas: reading a book, learning a new language, watching a documentary on a topic you're interested in.

  5. SOCIAL SELF-CARE - Humans, by nature, are social beings. This type of self-care may look different for introverts and extroverts - because our levels of comfort in social situations differ. But connection is important to us all. Some ideas: spending time with loved ones, reconnecting with an old friend, striking up a conversation with someone at your favorite coffee spot (drive-through, of course because of Covid-19!)

  6. SENSORY SELF-CARE - Sensory self-care helps you nourish your senses including sight, smell, touch, and sound. Nourishing these senses is an effective way of bringing your mind to the present moment and helping you lower your stress levels. Some ideas: Burning your favorite scened candle, listening to soothing music, walking barefoot on the grass.

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