Get Up Earlier

Get a head start on your day and wake up before the rest of the house. Use the time productively to do things that are more difficult with the kids around and that are priorities for you. Make a cup of coffee, read the news, do a work out, go for a walk. Anything that makes YOU feel good. Wake up ready FOR the kids, rather than TO your kids.

Make An Effort To Look Good So You Feel Good

Remember that you are SO important and you deserve to look good and feel great about yourself. When you think you look good, your confidence is given a boost and you'll approach the day with positivity and energy which will rub off on others.

Find Time For You

Don't get resentful or frustrated that you have no time for yourself because you're always looking after others. Take some time out to do something that's just for you. Read a book, take up a hobby, start a workout, learn something new. Remember that YOU are a special and unique individual too, not just a Mum. Nurture your uniqueness!

Get Some Fresh Air And Go For A Walk

Don't underestimate the benefits of getting outside in the fresh air. Get the blood pumping, the endorphins flowing, move your body and legs and just get out of the house. There's a big world beyond your usual four walls and it's easy to forget it's there unless you make a point of going out.

Develop A Growth Mindset

Spend time and energy developing your interests, creating ambitions and setting goals. Be curious about the world, open to new opportunities, willing to take on challenges and receptive to new things. Set a great example to your kids and show them a growth mindset will help them achieve anything.

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