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Fashion Portrait Black Woman in white stylish linen dress. Makeup, curly Hair. Luxury Fash


Cute AF. is Culture

A lot of the fashion that Black Culture as a whole is often created out of necessity.  Street fashion is a great example of this.  Like Black Culture, Cute AF. features fashion that not only tells OUR STORIES, but also helps us make sense of OUR STORIES & HISTORY.  

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Cute AF. is 'Black AF.'

We're a Black Woman Owned Company on a mission to help Women 'Feel Cute' with pieces that are inspired by and uplift imagery of Black Life and Black Stories..especially ANYTHING that represents Black Women in high regard.

African woman with vivid makeup on her lips and nails. Female fashion model posing against
Close up of cheerful young woman with vivid makeup on her eyes. African female model laugh
Glamorous female model on red background. African woman with buzz cut hairstyle and vibran
Beautiful african woman in red dress wearing straw hat smiling on the beach. Female in sun
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Cute AF. is Feminine.

Femininity is Fun, PeriodT.  That's why you get your nails done (even though it's not that comfortable), and you get your lashes done, and get your hair get it.   We change up our looks because it's fun plain and simple and because it makes us 'Feel Cute!' All of our pieces are hand-selected to inspire joy in the hearts of the cuties who shop our brand. 

Beautiful african woman in red dress enjoying on the beach. Smiling female in beautiful dr
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Beauty african portrait with bright chewing gum in teeth . Dark-skinned model in cap with
portrait of an African American black woman wearing a fashionable red hat confidently behi
Full length trendy fashion portrait of young beautiful stunning african woman in jeans and
Profile picture of young beautiful African girl, female model speaking into megaphone isol

Cute AF. is Coming.

"I retired the name 'The Cutie Booty Boutique' and chose 'Cute AF' to represent our new brand because it supports the 'Feel Cute' Mission of Cutie Booty Media.  I also wanted to be more intentional. This is my 3rd shot at this which is good because EVERY TIME I give it another go, I learn something valuable.  The last time I launched, I just threw the boutique together.  I was more concerned with the act of opening a boutique than I was about creating something that could really help Women 'Feel Cute.'.  I wasn't intentional about any part of it...I just wanted to open a boutique.  I got sales (thank you Cuties!) but they weren't consistent.  I had to take some time off and research why I wanted to do this.  Long story short, I'm going to try this again but this timeit's me in these pieces.  These are pieces I would personally wear myself not what I think ya'll want to wear.  I can't guess what you guys want to wear; but I KNOW what I LOVE wearing and I want to share that with ya'll!  Anyway, stay tuned!  I'm coming all the way correct this time, ya'll.  Stay TF Tuned..."   ~Sani, CEO of Cutie Booty Media nd the Creator of TheCute AF.

Close up of cheerful young woman with vivid makeup on her eyes. African female model laugh


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