THE Cutie consultant


This course offers a basic exercise in  "taking direction." 

No matter the topic, if a Cutie wants to learn, she must become a student of the game.

This applies to the "Cutie game" as well.

A lot of us Cuties were taught or socially conditioned to feel "threatened" when we witness the sheer awesomeness of the Cuties that walk among us BUT This should not be so.  When we give into feelings of Jealousy, we fail to be influenced by all the awesomeness a Cutie embodies.  We get caught up in what we THINK WE AREN'T instead of getting excited about ALL THAT WE COULD BECOME.

If we can teach ourselves (even on the smallest level) to see inspiration instead of intimidation, we can get excited about the Cutie we're BECOMING instead of worrying about what another Cutie is DOING.