Keeping in alignment with our Mission of helping Women look & feel cute, The Cutie Booty Magazine seeks to study the mindset of Women who more often than not look and feel cute. We study their relationships, professional accomplishments, and overall philosophy on life, so as to better understand how to look and feel cute more often and how to inspire other Women to do the same. We feature these Women as pillars in the Cutie Booty community because they're often the ones leading the way in their own way.  We see them. We LOVE them. We uplift them. We learn from them. 


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Did you know that some of the top earners in the world have a well developed emotional IQ? Let secure the bag, Sis!

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Tending to your needs & honoring your body are just a few keys to #Cute! Let's learn how to love on ourselves better!

Portrait of a Confident Woman


Being broke ain't NEVER been #Cute! Let's learn how to manage our money & take this walk toward financial freedom!

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Are you aware of your BS? Are you aware how your  BS is holding you back? Let's learn how to get TF out of our own way, Sis!  

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We become what we think about. Let's work entertaining thoughts that inspire us to be great & make us feel #Cute!

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Feelin' bloated & fatigue makes it hard to feel #cute! Let's work on creating a diet that keeps us feeling #Cute!

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Don't let a poor self-image cut your #cute off at the ankles! Let's work on crafting the Woman we DESIRE to become!

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Hanging out with the wrong crowd is NOT #Cute! Let's learn how to create boundaries & maintain GOOD friendships!

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Nothing moves without us being at Peace with our inner self. Let's learn how to be lead by our soul so that we don't get mislead by our ego.

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Lookin' & Feelin' #cute go hand in hand! Let's come up with some fun ways to move our bodies & stay in  shape!

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Owning your bullshit is the BEST way to get over it. Let's learn how to keep it #Cute by practicing accountibility.

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love lessons

Let's learn from the mistakes of others in the love game cause some of this stuff we can avoid! Dodgin' bullets in love is #cute!



Dope notes are those little gems we learn along the way; accept in our Magazine we catch those gems from other Cuties. It's definitely lit when you can feel comfortable enough to celebrate other Cuties. Get in tune.


Me-Time should be some of your FAVORITE time for yourself!  Let's go on an adventure of the world of Self-Care!


If you don't heal what hurt you, you'll bleed on people who didn't cut you.  I know they hurt you and you want them to burn in hell, but the type of energy it takes to even want something like that in the first place is VERY toxic for you , your health, and your goals & dreams. Let's work on ALL of this.


It's not a joke out here. It's really not. You definitely gotta have a thick skin if you're ever going to try new things & reach new goals. It takes a belief in yourself that you really gotta work on consistently.

Emotional IQ

Emotional Intelligence is common among successful people.  If you want to taste even a small amount of success, get into this page.  


This ain't no seasonal outfit. You gotta pull this out and roll the lent roller over this outfit EVERY DAY! Let's work on building up our vision of ourselves so we can stop dealing with the (avoidable) circumstances of living the type of life that (usually) accompanies a lack of self-esteem.








The content you're reading on this Magazine is a collection of research, life experience, and common sense.  We want Women to Look AND Feel Cute and the content we provide in our Magazine can be a useful tool for Women attempting to achieve that outcome and so much more.  Our Research & Development team works day and night to find, post, and highlight ideas, vibes, and mindsets of Women who show us how to Look and Feel Cute in a way that doesn't tear other Women down and doesn't require toxic methods. 


Our content is inspired by Authors, Female-Led Ted Talks, Writers, Celebrities, Influencers, and blog/vlog comment sections featuring opinions and viewpoints from all around the world that are expressed by Women.  As a Media Company, we seek to fulfill our mission by collecting and sharing ALL content that helps ALL Women (especially Black Women) to look and feel cute.  One of those Women is our very own CEO.  Sani used these methods (among others) to repair her own self image and self-esteem and as a result, developed her ability to look and feel cute on a regular basis without tearing other Women down nor depending on outside sources & stimuli:

"I couldn't even look at myself in the mirror a decade ago.  Now I exercise naked! I really dig what I see in the mirror and that might be because I've been working on making my body look how I want it to look and I'm seeing results!  It feels good to be able to manifest your visions for yourself!  It's helping me to become the Woman I actually want to become and I'm lookin' Cute while I'm doin' it, Baby!  My ability to enjoy...the JOY I feel in becoming my VERY OWN IDEAL VISION is a direct result of the methods I've been using over the course of the last 10 years. There are parts of my body I didn't like 10 years ago that I actually think look Damn Good  now...I know that's a product of the choices I've been making with regard to the Cutie Booty Essentials mentioned above, as well as the moves I've been making in my personal and professional life.  I wanna share these methods with Women free of charge because I KNOW how it feels to not think highly of yourself.  That shit is dead, B. You be lettin' ALL KINDA SHIT SLIDE! What I want to see in this next generation of Women (Especially Black Women) is knowing at least ONE WAY of how to get away from that environment, mindset, and narrative as it is a detriment to one's self-image, self-worth, and self-esteem."


Our CEO is a Nigerian-American Woman who is a Survivor of systemic racism and is very concerned about the health statistics, disparities, and socio-economical struggles that Black Women face on a daily basis.  Black Women are battling several socio-economical issues including racism, sexism, classism, as well as access to an unbiased healthcare system AT ONE TIME and it is taking its toll on their health. 


Our CEO's inspiration for Cutie Booty Media was her own Mother who experienced a mental breakdown shortly after her husband was deported to Nigeria when Sani was a child. There were several occasions where systemic influence & bias negatively impacted her life.  The experience took a HUGE toll on Sani's sense of self, self-esteem, and self-image.  For years Sani befriended people who didn't genuinely care for her and dated Men who reinforced her own ideas of how unworthy she truly felt...even in some cases still impacting her to this day.  After a 10 year boot camp with herself, Sani created her own techniques that effectively reprogrammed her self-image and self-awareness which has resulted in a COMPLETE 180 of where she was prior to being exposed to the information you'll find in this Magazine. (Learn more about Sani's life HERE)


Sani wants to share these techniques with the hope that Women can find the same success she has.  Sani works tirelessly to ensure that Cutie Booty Media combats negative stereotypes and narratives about Black Women that she herself heard directly from people who worked in the system including foster parents, social workers, teachers, and therapists.


"Magazines have HEAVILY influenced the Women in my family.  My Grandmother named Mama after someone she admired from a Magazine she used to read.  Ayesha Grice the Contributing Editor of Essence Magazine, a publication Mama was subscribed to for DECADES, would eventually be the inspiration for my middle name.  My Mama was a BIG book worm and tha really influenced my LOVE of finding new information through reading.  Magazines like Essence and Jet really grabbed my attention when I was a teenager (I know I wasn't the only once checkin' for the 'Jet Beauty of the week, now!). I LOVED the big shiny pictures and the content; especially cause it shaped an attitude that melanin is actually GORGEOUS AF and it would be criminal not to create and/or share that experience with other melanated Women.


Magazines were extremely influential in the trajectory of my life.  I would like to pay that forward to the next generation of  Femme Leaders especially those who seek to help improve the quality of life for Black Women."

Sani, CEO & Creator of Cutie Booty Media